come together – grill together

Our FUNCO is a special kind of grill, that offers various functions. It is for example not only a grill but also appropriate for cooling drinks. By using a FUNCO you become an amazing host. Why? Because you get the possibility to enjoy time with your guests actively. You can grill and cook all together. This is the reason why the food tastes even more delicious as soon as you use a FUNCO.

FUNCO is available in different designs. It can be fuelled by coal, gas, ethanol or electricity – it is your choice. Furthermore, you can decide if you’d like to sit at your FUNCO or if you prefer standing. All accessories available at our shop are suitable for every basical model.

makes friends & fun

The group of our customers is a mixed one. People that love to grill in their spare time buy the FUNCO because it is something extraordinary. Families love FUNCO because children suddenly take place in the cooking process actively. They enjoy preparing the meals together. Of course they also love eating together afterwards.

Companies also favour FUNCO because it is a good opportunity for having meetings or teambuilding activitites in an atmosphere that promotes communication. The catering industry appreciates FUNCO because it creates an experience for their guests. In this way they are able to create a competitive advantage.

meet & eat

The FUNCO is better than any other grill because it has a great variety considering possible use. Thanks to a special cooling box and added ice you are able to welcome your guests with a cold aperitif. Afterwards you can easily turn the cooling box into a nice barbecue. Now you can prepare everything on the FUNCO – an exquisite starter, a tasty main dish and a delicious dessert. When everybody has had enough for the moment, the FUNCO can be turned in a big table within a few minutes. Your guests become hungry later in the evening? No problem for you and your FUNCO. Take the pot and warm up a hearty stew over the flames. Following this just let the fire burn with a steady flame. This creates a cosy atmosphere for you and your guests.

As you can see the FUNCO can be used all day and all night long. But not only the whole day it can also be used throughout the year. Grill on FUNCO in summer, prepare hot punch in winter.

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The full-length website is available only in german so far. At the moment the shop is also only usable for Austria and Germany. Nevertheless, feel free to visit our webshop and take a look at our products. If you have any questions concerning FUNCO itself or the shipping to other countries do not hesitate to contact us via email.

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